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SELF USA European Marketplace

Products & Fashions

Shopping @ Our European Marketplace

Runway Fashions are Limited Check Store 2019

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. A few of our 

most popular products are shown above.

Please stop by our Market, we're be excited to see you there ...You can Call, Text or Email us for more information on our many products, and trendy fashions for toddlers, girls and young adults. Join us for our in-store market-events; girls' party ideas, mini spa, book-clubs meet-ups, cooking sessions and sampling; career-clubs, art & theater and current sales promo.

Trunk Sale Event; items are feature at The Marketplace...

April 2019

Corky's & Rothschild Coat's Line Brand Fashion for Girls

Fashionable Coats for Dolls

Fashionista + Fashion Week from NYC & Paris

Our open market is designed for that shopper who love to engage with friends and/or simply enjoy the art of shopping. Enjoy interacting in conversation about all the unique and whimsical finds at our open market or simple taste a few or all the various food samples we have doing Chef week or via cooking section taste test...

This new concept marketplace carry's lot of Gift Items for Girls, Teens & Young Women also!

Fuax Furs Collection

Fashion Week Fashions

Funky Fashions Jewelry

2019 Winter Runway: Fuax Fur Fashions for Girls; Check them out at our Marketplace

Our marketplace is designed with every girl in mind, we carry runway fashions, whimsical and unique items as well as provide a place for girls to bring their dolls and friends for a day out w/shopping & fun.

Check out our Marketplace

Dolls & Doll's Fashions including our Exclusive Store Line

Doll clothes & Accessories

Unique & Whimsical; Fun & Exciting Shopping Experience

Truly a Gotta Haves for Girls of all ages !!!

Visit Our New Marketplace in Royal Oak... 

American Girl How To's:  Doll Hair Care &   Salon Care

 Our Salon Refreshes & Restyles your Doll(s) Hair & Restore your Doll(s) look

Ear-piercing for Dolls Available

or simple book Doll Spa Session for your Doll and Friends, Ask us How!!! 

Visit Our New Marketplace in Downtown Royal Oak

Come In! See for yourself

We're a new concept store that provides interactive actives for girls; those actives

 includes workshops, art/painting sessions, cooking classes and jewelry, doll, bear-

making classes and reading rainbow.

We're not simply a store, we're also a social network for girls of all ages.

We offer both a membership and a non-membership programs that center around the art 

of communication and socializing with friends & shop...

Entertainment Home D├ęcor + Goods & Essentials for Shoppers,

"Simply! Lots of Must Haves!


How To Make A Spa Party Fun! Book Your Diva or Lil' Diva in Training @ The Marketplace We'll build the Setting...

Shop & Spa

Items are available @ The Marketplace Store...While there check out our Candy Shoppe

Our Cotton Candy Pedicure begins with dipping piggy's into a warm basin of our Cotton Candy Silk Soak Syrup. We will

 also scoop a heaping amount of Cotton Candy exfoliate. A creamy fluffy whipped lotion finishes off this fun experience! 

Our signature blend of sweet pink and blue cotton candy, hints of vanilla candy and topped with pink sugar crystals. 

This treatment will leave you silky smooth and smelling yummy!

Visit our Girls' Fashions Boutiques for Lots of Fashion Trends

Girl's Shopping List a Must Have!

  • Designer's Dresses & Coats + Outerwear + Bras & Undies, Sleepwear
  • Make-up
  • Art Bags (Hand-painted & whimsical)
  • Fashion Week (From the Runway)
  • Backpacks
  • Lunch Totes
  • Hats (Fun & Stylist)
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Jewelry
  • Gift Setss
  • Hair Accessories
  • Books
  • Dolls & Toys
  • Dog Fashions, Furniture, Treats
  • Infants & Toddlers (Designer-wear, Toys, Gifts, Pictures, & More_
  • Towels & Linens (designing workshop for girl's rooms) 

Fun Whimsical Bags & Purses "Truly a Gotta Have 2019"






Off the Shoulder