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Come let your child and inner child explore our unique marketplace filled with whi​msy.


SELF USA European Marketplace has redefined the shopping experience. Combining child-like whimsy with adult sophistication. We offer jewelry from regional and national artists known for creating signature designs using a variety of metals and accents in unusual combinations. High-end fashions from some of the top designers in USA & Europe. Old world markets, American Made Products and Goods, but like the French we really know how to add a designer's distinctive quality to girls' clothes and accessories. Come travel with us.

Shop for Unique and Whimsical Treasures from Fashion Week to Trunk Sales.  Trendy Designers ​Runway Fashions for Infants, Toddler, & sizes up to 10.  

Visit Us In-Person /Online

Beside our kids fashions, we've purchases an amazing collection of goods local and international. Our buyers have tour & attended shows by designers and artists to bring a New Concept & Venture to our Marketplace.

We're Truly a Must See!        

Come In: Girl's Fashionista

  • Spa anytime (BFF or Dolly & Me) Tattoo & Nail Art, Spa/Sugar Scrubs, Bath Gels
  • Designer's Outfits for Girls & Their Dolls
  • Dress-up (Fashions & Costumes)
  • Up do's hair-do (colorful extensions)
  • Cooking Sessions (By Appointment & Workshop in Session Posting)
  • Doll-making (By Appointment & Workshop in Session Posting)
  • Toys & Dolls & Painting/Coloring
  • Doll Hair Salon (includes ear piercing)
  • Book Club (s) American Girl, Girl's Cook Book Club, Princess Book Club & more
  • Jewelry/ Jewelry-making classes & sessions

Shop, Play & Interact w/ Friends..

New Doll Arrival 

Want to show her off book a Tea Party, Girls Day Out, Book a Doll-makeover, Spa Time


It's cold outside, come inside to various events and workshops, meet-up w/ friends

 Start a Book Clubs, Make  Bath-bombs, Cooking  class, Art class

SELF USA  European  Marketplace

The store even offers a concierge service for busy parents.